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Public Cloud Reference

PCR is our public interface allowing a large public to get quickly informations about cloud products. The goal is to save people from looking for hours on the specification on each vendor's website.

Start-up founders, curious about where to host your infrastructure or just wondering where's the best offer ? Our Public Cloud Reference lets you easily navigate in the Cloud Market.

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To share our data with developers and in-fine robots, we implemented an API using the GraphQL query language. This simple protocol allows to ask only what your are looking for in a nested way.

If you want to add product specifications, price and performance to your own applicaion, this API is here for you. Feel free to develop FinOps, Cloud guidance or other frontend from our knowledge.

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This application has been created with the willing of sharing our private and public projects. Instead of reading flat PDF such as available in our DocHub, you can interactively consult data about Cloud Mercato's studies.

The content is directly taken from our database and served in real-time to let you discover in detail our public analysis like the states of the art.

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Price/Performance Portal

P2P provides the essential metrics requried to set up analysis and decision processes. Like the name let guess, this application is a comparison tool about performance, price and ratio of both.

Create clear comparison from more than 15 providers on a large amount of services such virtual machiines, DBaaS, network costs and more.

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Documentation Hub

Get access to our documents: reports, rankings and raw data files. Our docHub compile strong observations made by our services.

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Observer (beta)

This application lets you appreciate HTTP latency between your browser and different object storages and CDNs. The idea is to know where's the quickest solution from a user perspective.

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Newsboard (beta)

Have you ever wanted to have a unique interface to follow all news about cloud market, this app is design for. This app compiles informations from most provider's blogs and bring it to you in a simple way. Just scroll down and be aware of last trends.

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Surveys (coming soon)

Gathering of opinion about cloud industry.